Fun with Pompoms

Fun fact: the origin of the word is “pompon” (French!) but it’s a-ok to say and spell it “pompom.”

I can’t even remember what I was googling, but I came across this picture:

I can’t actually tell where it came from or who did it.  But, I did find an artist who does very similar things: Troy Emery.  Magnificent.

Anyway.  Just wanted to establish that I wasn’t the first to think of gluing pompoms to fake animals.

Finding pompoms is easy.  Walmart sells them (in regular and neon– I picked neon).  Then I figured it’d be easy to find an animal to glue them to.  Wrong.  I thought maybe since it was close to Halloween I could find a spooky cat but all I found was a small bird statue.  (put a bird pompom on it.)

Then I pulled out my trusty tacky glue and got to work.


First we had to sort the pompoms.  I put all the smallest ones in a bowl.


Here’s what I had after the first round of gluing.  The pompoms slid around a bit when I did large swaths of them.  So I ended up breaking it up into a ridiculous number of gluing sessions.


Here it is partially finished!  I used slightly bigger pom poms where the wings would be.  I tried not to get colors right next to each other.  There’s really not so much skill in this (not like Troy Emery!).


And here’s the final product!  I sent it to my brother and his fiancé since I know they’ll appreciate it!  It’s pretty weird but don’t be surprised if I cover something else with pompoms!  Color?  Texture?  Quirkiness Weirdness?  Check!